Secrest Accents: Understanding Islamic, Jewish and Christian Traditions

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The week leading up to the Rose Ensemble will amplify the concert experience with Secrest Accents, an array of programming the week created to vivify the world of medieval music from Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. These accents aim to spur intercultural dialogue in the spirit of celebrating the MLK holiday and Winston-Salem’s increasingly diversified community.

Intercultural Encounters in the Alhambra

Wake Forest University Professor of Art History, Dr. Chanchal Dadlani, will deliver a talk on intercultural conflict in the arts and history of the Spanish Alhambra January 24th in the Scales Fine Arts Center Room 102 at 5:30 PM.

Stories from A Community of Faith: Wake Winter Pilgramage to the Holy Land

January 26th at 4:00 PM, WFU Students who voyaged to the Holy Lands of modern day Israel/Palestine over winter break will present on the arts, music, and cultures they encountered in the Zachary Reynolds Smith Library Auditorium.

Secrest Signature Talk on Jewish and Islamic Musical Tradition

Finally, the day of the event, January 26th at 6:40 PM in Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University Choir Director Brian Gorelick and Imam Khalid Griggs will discuss the sounds and significance of medieval Jewish and Islamic musical traditions.

Join us the week of January 23rd for these free events to learn about the worlds in which Jewish and Islamic musical traditions originate.


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