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The Munich Symphony Orchestra performs Mozart’s Mysterious Requiem 

The Secrest Artists Series presents a  crown-jewel of Southern Germany, the Munich Symphony Orchestra, November 10th, 2011 at 7:30 PM in Wait Chapel. After touring Asia, Africa and Europe, the orchestra finally arrives in Winston-Salem to play Mozart’s Requiem, his most enigmatic piece. 

Action-movies like X-Men 2 often play Mozart’s Requiem during dramatic scenes, but listeners rarely know the secret behind the music.To this day, scholars don’t know who actually finished the masterpiece. Mozart died while composing the work and his widow, Constanze, anxious to complete the piece and earn the commission, clandestinely approached a number of composers for the final segments.  Constanze wove a web of half-truths and rumors to trick the world into believing that Mozart was still alive to finish the work.
November 10th, listeners will hear all of the dramatic highlights surrounding Mozart’s Requiem as Philippe Entremont, the orchestra’s world-famous New York Philharmonic conductor and pianist, leads the performance. The Requiem will be accented with the sonorous and passionate voices of Gloriae Dei Cantores, a liturgical choir group. 
After rehearsing for months, WFU choral ensemble students will also contribute to the Requiem. This is the first time that students have performed at a Secrest Series event, a rare and choice opportunity to work with professional performers.One could not pick a better ensemble to play the nearly theatrical tensions of Mozart’s Requiem. The Munich Symphony Orchestra survived both World Wars to have a major impact on the international film industry. The orchestra has recorded soundtracks for over 400 movie scores ranging from 1920’s German classics all the way to The Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones.
This concert is a must-see event for classical music aficionados on a budget, or anyone who is interested in hearing a Mozart masterpiece live. David Hagy, Wake Forest University Orchestra Director, will give a pre-performance talk on the program which also includes Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night at 6:40 PM in the Balcony Room of Wait Chapel.  Students, staff, and faculty can enjoy the Munich Symphony Orchestra and lecture for free by picking up their tickets from the Benson Ticket Office or calling the Secrest Office at 336-758-5757. 
The Secrest Artists Series has a long and distinguished history of presenting, to the campus of Wake Forest and to the surrounding community, performing artists of national and international reputation. Considered as education and entertainment of the highest quality, such celebrated performers as Itzhak Perlman, Christopher Parkening, Ravi Shankar, Doc Severinsen and his Big Band, Denyce Graves, and the National Symphony with Leonard Slatkin, have appeared on the Secrest Series. Each event is usually accompanied by a pre-concert talk and/or a residency activity by the artist. For more information on the Secrest Artist Series, please visit our website at or email Secrest Intern at

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